Orma Membrane Press- ECO

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Press platen dimensions  2500 x 1400mm

Inner flange dimensions  2340 x 1340mm

Max. useful panel dimensions  2240 x 1240mm

Working chamber height  60 (40+20)mm

Max. panel thickness                55mm

Max total thrust                          200ton

Max. specific pressure              5 kg/cm²

Pressing cylinders                     4 ø 140mm

Daylight opening                         230mm

End loading                                            1400m

Working temperature                             150 °C

Installed total power of the machine       45 kW



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features  STRUCTURE

Press structure in Fe 430 steel beams welded together.

Locating surfaces are tool machined.

Platen parallelism granted by rack coupling and conic mechanism on the four sides.

Safety grids on machine sides.


Drilled solid steel upper platen heated by thermal oil.

20 mm high perimeter flange made of galvanized steel with special O-ring silicon seal in order to ensure the perfect pressure tightness. 

Lower movable platen made of welded steel beams and sheets.

Vacuum and air pressure circuits integrated in the platens.


Machine fitted with a powerful vacuum system and pressurized air tanks which allow an instant and constant pressure delivery into the working chamber.

500 lit. air tank accumulation tank.

Vacuum pump delivery: 70 m3/h (max. vacuum 0.5 mbar = 99.95%)

Heat exchanger for air heating.


Hydraulic unit with double pump and with motor in oil bath for less noise and better lubrication.

High capacity low pressure pump for quick closing and low capacity high pressure pump for slow getting into pressure.

Thrusting pistons are steel manufactured according to an exclusive Ormamacchine design. Thickness chromed shafts to increase their hardness so to grant their durability, are sliding on bushings made out of anti-friction material and constantly lubricated by the same oil used for the hydraulic plant.


Free standing electric cabinet (reading desk type) complete with all electrical and electronic components; control and settings through digital keyboard with graphic display for data visualization; independent digital setting of every function of the press; proportional electronic control of the hydraulic pressure in connection with the air pressure in the pressurized chamber;

PLC controlled functioning; hardware SIEMENS, software by Ormamacchine.

Memory program system against tampering of content; hardware complete of status indications and automatic graphic signalling of possible malfunctions.

The system software controls the following functions:

Start self-testing 

Functioning self-testing

Error control

Short circuit control

Functioning anomalie graphic signalling on display


Electric heater for thermal oil to control the temperature of the top platen.

Total thermal capacity 18 kW.

Heating fluid max temperature 130° C.

Plant complete with double circulation pump, open sky expansion tank (only one for the two heaters), connecting piping from boiler to press, air breather valves present inside the circuit, electric switch board, safety and control instrumentation, oil filter.

Heater supplied with the necessary oil for the first plant filling.

Piping insulation: excluded