Busellato - Jumbo size nesting machines

NEW IN STOCK- Large Tables machines to nest 2800 x 2070 mm Sheets.

The video link shows a 5 foot x 12 foot machine only the table size is different to the Jumbo machines. 







Busellato uses a 3D CAD for solid modelling to design its working centers, which have been made according to the logic of a machine with a mobile beam. The beam moves in a longitudinal direction with respect to the basement (X axis) and supports a pair of carriages, mounted in a cross like shape, which determine the movement of the Y and Z-axes – Y-axis transverse and Z axis at right angles with respect to the machine basement. This configuration allows a remarkable reduction in the machine’s overall size and improves the machine’s performance and functionality.

The basement and the beam are made of electrically welded steel. These are ribbed and strengthened internally to guarantee maximum rigidity even under intense working.



Movement of the X-axis is by rack and pinion with convex rectified helicoidal teeth, made of hardened and tempered steel, which undergoes a thermal carburizing treatment and successive hardening. The pinion is splined directly on a high precision planetary gearbox.

Movement of the Y and Z-axes is by ball nut with pre-loaded lead screw in order to guarantee high speeds without wear.

The transverse carriage (Y axis) and the vertical carriage (Z axis) are made in a light alloy with high mechanical properties.

The mobile beam and the carriages are mounted on pre-loaded ball runner blocks which slide on very high precision linear guides made of rectified and hardened steel. All ball runner blocks are equipped with a seal guaranteeing maximum protection from dirt and dust.


The axes are driven by Brushless motors fed and controlled by parameterized digital drivers.


The centralized extraction system, with a single large pipe union mounted on the head, gives easy connection to the central system.


The machine is equipped with a central manual lubrication system.

The system has just one feeding point for the group of distributors which arrange for an adequate quantity of lubricant to be sent safely to each point.

Distribution is by means of a manual lever positioned on the mobile beam.



All phases of assembly foresee conformity checks according to special testing procedures.

The alignment of all the linear guides is carried out using an electronic level.  Straightness and parallelism tolerances are guaranteed to be within 0,02 mm per linear meter.

On all machines, positioning precision and bi-directional repeatability of the axes is checked using an interferometer laser system.

Bi-directional positioning precision is guaranteed within a tolerance of ±0,05 mm.

To complete the dynamic tests carried out on the machines, the interpolation of the axes (circularity) is tested with the Ball-Bar Renishaw device.

An electrical test of the whole system is carried out on each machine according to CEI EN 60204-1 legislation.



The phenolic based synthetic fibre working table has a reticular grid made of 60 mm sections which allows parts to be clamped directly on the machine table by means of a spoil board.



Real axes positioning speed:                                            X = 25 m/1’

                                                                                     Y = 25 m/1’

                                                                                     Z = 15 m/1’


The electrical cabinet is positioned on the front of the machine, and is tested according to the strict international regulations.


Frequency static converter (inverter) for continuous adjustment of speed and rapid stopping of rotation of the motors.

The device includes :

- Control that the motor has stopped;

- Braking resistance;

- Automatic reset in case of emergency.



- Instruction manual for machine use and maintenance

- Electrical and pneumatic drawings

- Spare parts manual

- Wave programming manual

- Complete set of spanners



The Numerical Control has been specially studied for all boring and routing machine functions for the woodworking sector. The user interface on a remote console with display, for controlling machine functions, simplifies the start-up operations and allows the operator to adapt the position of the control station according to the operations to be carried out, making it easier to use the machine and improving the visibility of the working area.

The Wave software, which can be installed on an Office PC (optional) with minimum 2 GB RAM, controls all programming functions.


The system includes one hardware key (dongle) for the USB port for activating the WAVE programming software.



Allows connection between the machine’s PC and Busellato’s authorized Service Center via Internet connection.

Hardware equipment: card/ network interface

Software equipment: connecting program, which allows:

- Operator’s interface visualization

- Signals diagnosis

- on-line verification and modification of the  status of configurations, parameters and machine programs

- Data back up and files transfer operations

- Upgrade operations for machine logics and operator's interface


- Internet connection at customer's charge is necessary

If the Internet connection is not allowed by the customer during the warranty period even though specific intervention is requested at the customer's premises, and should it be found that the problem could have been resolved by tele-service via internet, then the service intervention will have to be paid for.



No. 1 working area

Machine equipped with 1 working area complete with 3 rear reference stops and 1 lateral reference stop on the right of the work table complete with extensions for reference stops H=15 diameter 22.


7M boring head

Working unit for vertical drilling with independent spindles.

Made in light aluminum alloy with high mechanical properties, it slides on pre-loaded ball runner blocks and on two very high precision, hardened and rectified steel linear guides which guarantee an equal loading capacity in all 4 directions. Pre-selection is automatic by means of a pneumatic piston.

The unit is equipped with:

- 7 spindles with vertical outlets in an “L” shape, 32 mm pitch, of which 5 spindles are along the X-axis and 2 spindles along the Y-axis.

All spindles rotate simultaneously and in alternate sequence, right and left, with a maximum rotation speed of 4000 rpm.

The independent insertion movement of each spindle, by means of pneumatic cylinders with 60 mm stroke, allows both single and multiple drillings.

Control of the spindles by an electro valve and cylinder with single thrust chamber for a drilling force of 43 Kg per spindle.

The working unit is rotated by an asynchronous 2,2 kW electrical motor controlled by “inverter”.

The motor, in turn, activates the transmission made of special steel gears with wide, slanting, rectified and thermally hardened teeth.

The tool attachment is designed for 11mm shanks / M10 right or left according to the rotation direction.


6,6 kW (S6) electro spindle 24000 rpm - HSK-F63

The electro spindle unit is mounted directly on the Z carriage. The unit consists of a high frequency type electro spindle, with airflow cooling system and automatic tool lock/release system.

An internal mechanical device loaded with Belleville washer’s locks the tool, whilst a pneumatic actuator releases it.

Correct tool coupling is guaranteed by inductive micro-switches, which inform the NC, even if the electro spindle is rotating or stopped.

In order to assure a secure coupling with the tool holder, the electro spindle is equipped with a double air blower system (one coming from within the shaft and one outside the body of the electro spindle) for efficient and vigorous cleaning of the spindle cone and tool holder during the coupling.

The electro spindle is set in variable LH/RH rotation by means of an inverter and opportune commands input to the Numerical Control.

The working unit is equipped with a suitable dust extraction hood.


The electro spindle has the following features:

Maximum power (S6)                            6,6 kW (S6)

Speed at maximum power                                  12.000/18.000 rpm

Maximum rotation speed                                    24.000 rpm (800 Hz)

Nominal voltage                                                380V

Poles                                                                            4

Front/rear bearings                                            ceramic/ceramic

Lubrication                                                       "for life" grease with dynamic seal system

Cooling system                                                 air flow

Tool attachment                                                 HSK-F63 DIN 69893


It is foreseen that the machine be connected to an electrical power supply 400 V THREE PHASE + NEUTRAL CONDUCTOR.

If there is no NEUTRAL conductor the customer must upgrade the electrical power supply. Alternatively, the optional auto-transformer (FB0139) can be supplied on request.


The machine is not protected against the risk of electrocution caused by indirect contacts.

The customer is responsible for providing protection against indirect machine contacts.


In the following systems:

•  TT, powered by the public distribution network in low voltage,

•  TN, powered by the public distribution network in medium voltage, the machine power line must be protected by a differential switch:

• Dedicated (type B is recommended), independent from that of the facility or that of other users,

•  adjustable both as concerns current (0.03 - 0.3 - 1 A recommended) and time (0 - 0.3 - 1  - 3 S. recommended),

•  Suitably co-ordinated with the user earth system (ref. IEC 60364-4-41; HD 60364-4-41).


For areas with a greater fire risk, the maximum value of the differential cut-in current is 1A  (also with delayed cut-in).


For TN networks, the system must be TN-S with separate neutral and protection wire (IEC 60364-4-482; HD 384.4.482).



EC safety regulations

N. 1


Machine conforms to 2006/42/EC and 2004/108/EC safety regulations.




N. 1




Working fields:                                                               X = 3050 mm

                                                                                     Y = 2150 mm

Work piece clearance:                                                     100 mm


LINEAR 13 tool position - HSK F63

13-position fixed linear tool changer for main electro spindle unit with HSK-F63 attachment. The tool changer is fitted on the R.H. Side of the machine structure and allows use of tools and aggregates.


Max overall height                                                       160 mm

Max. tool diam.                                                           160 mm

Collet pitch.                                                                165 mm



Voltage 400 V

N. 1



Frequency 50 Hz

N. 1




Phenolic router type (RT) table (30x30) for  EASY JET 7.10

N. 1


Phenolic working table with reticular structure of 30 mm, instead of the standard table with reticular structure of 60 mm.

Allows clamping of the panel directly on the machine work bed using special seals or using a spoilboard.

Allows use of RT vacuum cups.

A series of manual valves are positioned on the work bed to activate vacuum
on required areas.





Mobile PC Console

N. 1

Mobile console for PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse allowing the operator to adapt the position of the programming and control station according to the operations to be carried out, making it easier to use the machine and improving the visibility of the working area.



Tool length presetting device

N. 1


Device which allows automatic reading and update of the tool length fitted on the electrospindle, in order to preserve the integrity of the spoilboard during the cutting cycle and the cutting depth precision on the panel surface.



2 working areas (X) complete with reference stops

N. 1

Reference stops for machine equipped with 2 working areas (one left and one right), complete with extensions for reference stops H=15 diameter 22.



500 m3/hr (2x250) vacuum pump

N. 1


No. 2 rotating dry pumps with vanes for generating vacuum with an extraction capacity of 250 m3/hr each. 5,5 kW electric motor coupled by means of joint.



Kit tool holder adaptors for 7M boring head

N. 1


Adaptors for boring head spindles.


-n° 7 bit holder bushes which are screwed on to the vertical spindles by means of a threaded attachment diameter M10 (4 R.H. and 3 L.H.)/diam.11mm and prepare them for attachment to the cylindrical bit holder diam.10mm.


FB0594            Front reference stops                                                                                                                 N. 1

Reference stops for machine equipped with 2 working areas (one left and one right). Includes:

No. 3+3 additional front reference stops

Front reference stops on left and right with retractable 22 mm diameter shaft, for positioning the panel.

No. 1+1 additional lateral reference stops

Lateral reference stops on left and right with retractable 22 mm diameter shaft, for positioning the panel.

No. 4+4 reference stop extensions H=15 diameter 22

Required for machining using vacuum cups.


FB0592            Device with 4 blowers for electro-spindle                                                                                   N. 1

Device applied to the electro-spindle made up of 4 air blasts commanded separately, for cleaning the groove created by the tool as it machines the part. Orientated in the 4 directions (X+/X-/Y+/Y-), the air blasts are activated automatically according to the tool path.


FB0717            Automatic panel unloading device

Device for automatic pieces evacuation by means of pusher moved by X axis of the machine. Complete of innovative cleaning system by using the central suction plant of the machine that, through automatic connection, assures a perfect cleaning of the working table during the unloading phase, with the advantage of no adding of other pipes. (please note: Belt conveyor table not included)



Price of machine to above specification




Delivery and installation


    £ 4,500.00

Please contact Rw Machines sales for special discounted prices 01869 244943

FB0721            Belt conveyor for pieces unloadng on EASY JET 7.10.... £6,600.00                                                           

Motorized system for the transport of machined pieces from the machine to the unloading station. Composed of a belt conveyor with automatic feeding managed by photoelectrical switch, that recognise the piece on the conveyor. It is possible to manage manually the feeding of the conveyor by push button.


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