Drilling Machine

 The Detel Prima 63 is equipped with one horizontal and two vertical boring groups. All three have 21 quick release spindles at 32mm centres

 The longitudinal displacement of the groups is achieved on two round bars and two vertical support rails which guarantee the vertical alignment of each group.

 The movement is by individual lead screws with the position shown on digital readouts at the end of the machine.

 Each boring group has two large round guide bars to guarantee the precise horizontal movement and a separate depth control to drill to a maximum depth of 90mm with pneumatic feed speed regulation for optimum cutting speeds and cycle time.

 The operation of the spindles and movement of the horizontal and vertical boring groups are controlled by a footpedal. This enables all boring operations to be activated by one press of the pedal.

Detel Model Detel Prima 63

 No. of spindles      3 x 21

Centre distance between spindles        32mm

Max. distance between spindles 640mm       

Maximum drilling depth   90mm

Min. distance between vertical groups 128mm       

Max. distance between vertical groups 1008mm     



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