Anderson Router




Machine Type

Computer Numerical Controlled CNC Router.





Machine Size

Floor Area: 5200 x 4200 mm

Height: 2750 mm

Weight: 9000 kgs



Number of tables: 2

Tables Size: 1600 x 2000 mm



X Axis:   3386 mm

Y Axis:   2250 mm

V Axis:   2250 mm

Z Axis:   250 mm


Rapid Travel Speeds  

X Axis:       50 m/min

Y Axis:       50 m/min

V Axis:       50 m/min

Z Axis:       12 m/min



Up to  24/m/min



Number of spindles: 1

Power: 10 hp

Power/Inverter Control: Delta

Speed: 1000-18000 rpm variable

Cw and ccw rotation: Standard

Lubrication: Oil mist system



Andi SK-30 Tool holder system

Collets:      up to 25 mm


Tool changer

1 Disc carousel System                                  

No of tools changeable: 8

Motor drive


Dust Extraction Hoods

Number of extraction nozzles: 1

Size of Exhaust Nozzles: 200mm

Automatic shut off gates: standard


Inverter (Delta)             

Number of inverters: 1

Power: 7.5 Kw


Vacuum Clamp System

Device: Blower

Power: 7.5 hp

Number of pumps: 2



Andi-Fanuc 0mc


Servo Motor Types

X Axis Fanuc:   10S

Y Axis Fanuc:   20S

V Axis Fanuc:   20S

Z Axis Fanuc:   20S



Spindle Motors:   Grease Type

Linear Guides:     Auto Lubricated

Ballscrews:         Auto Lubricated


The Following are for CUSTOMERS references:

Peripheral environmental equipment and conditions required for 1620 PT


Compressed Air

Pressure: 6 kg/cm²

Exhaustion: 300 L/min

Power (customers compressor  min): 5hp (3.5 kw)

Connector: ¾" dia.


Electrical Power Supply

Type & phase: AC, 3 phase

Voltage & frequency: 220 +-5% 50 HZ

Or customer may choose. As local supply.

Power: 34.5 kw 3 phase


Dust Extraction

Air speed at dust hood: 30m/sec

Volume Extraction: 2960.metres M³/hr

Power (customers dust extraction min): 10HP

Number of Pipes: 1

Size: 200 mm dia.


Environmental Conditions

A.   Temperature (centigrade)

During operation: 0-45 degrees

Not during operation: 2-60 degrees

Variation: 1.1 degree/Min


B.   Humidity (Relative)         

Permanent: 75%

Instantaneous: 95%


C.   Vibration:

During Operation: 0.5


The Vacuum Tables: 

Any part of the vacuum table can be used for panel mounting, by means of A matrix of grooves and seal plugs. This table can be used for flat bed routing or pod fitment.

The table is machine ground cast with phenolic top.  Movement is guided by Heavy duty auto lubricated THK linear bearings. 

The movement on the table is called the Y  and V axis.

The X Axis Stroke:

This has the same features as the table movement.

The Z Axis Stroke:

Similar to X axis with air counter balancing.  Z axis movement is 250 mm.


Ball Screw:

Diameter 50 mm hardened molybdenum steel with only 40 mm pitch this

gives very accurate cutting without vibration.  

Servo Motors:

Are manufactured in Japan by Fanuc. They are AC digital which means

cold silent running, and very accurate to 0.01mm depending on how much backlash you wish to set in the computer parameters. All Andi Fanuc controls have FAST CORNER FUNCTION as standard equipment.

Fanuc UK look after 6,100 NC control units in the UK alone.

Router (spindle) Motor 18,000 rpm:

10 hp as standard with special start procedure to reduce power variations in the factory and to increase bearing life. Quick stop is standard approx.1 and a half second. The motors are lubricated by oil mist system.

Router motors are predisposed to accept horizontal aggregates

Tool height is set off machine by the pre-set tool jig.

Vacuum Pump/Blower unit:

1 x Becker VTLF 250

The CNC Controller Fanuc 0mc

Some standard features on the 0mc are:

4 axis control

Helical interpolation

Cutter and tool compensation

Automatic acceleration – deceleration

512 kb memory

Fast corner function

Self-diagnostic function (the computer displays an error code if you make a mistake)


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