Casadei Edgebanders - FLEXA 207 SUPER


• Control panel situated at the machine in-feed which can be moved to an
 ergonomic position.

• Soundproof protection cabinet covered with acoustic insulation material.

• Machine frame made of thick ribbed steel with high rigidity which
 maintains settings and provides a stable support for the working units.

• Robust panel support, which slides on bars and recirculating ball
 bearings, and can be adjusted width ways according to the size of parts
 to be machined.

• Feeding chain track made of industrial chain with high grip rubber
 coated pads. The chain track pads slide on two hardened and rectified
 steel guides, one with a circular section and one with a flat section, to
 guarantee feeding straightness and resistance to lateral loads

Pressure beam made of thick steel with two rows of wheels mounted on
 ball bearings, to guarantee a secure hold even on small parts.

• Manual raising of the pressure beam with mechanical digital display of
 the quota and automatic positioning of the working units with a change
 in panel thickness.

• The panel thickness selected is shown on a mechanical digital display.

• Centralized dust extraction system.

• Electrical system equipped with lockable main switch and thermal relays
 to protect motors.

• Emergency stop pushbuttons where panels enter and exit the machine.

• High frequency motors with inverter.

Numerical Control complete with PLC, eliminates relays and micro-switches and manages pneumatic positioning of the units, when present on the machine.

The control does not include the pneumatic positionings foreseen in the Comfort Kit.


• 60 working programs.

• Control of working units and automatic sequential start up of motors.

• Alphanumeric keyboard and display.

• Function keys for rapid selection of working units.

• Control and adjustment of glue tank temperature.

• Simple and guided diagnostics for easily resolving any eventual errors.

• Partial and absolute machining statistical dataincluding number of
 panels processed, length of edging processed, time machine has been
 switched on, distance covered by chain track

• Unit of measurement in mm or inches can be selected.


This unit is positioned before the gluing unit and is for pre-milling the panel edge to obtain an optimum gluing surface. It has 2 cutters equipped with automatic timed intervention to avoid damaging the panel. The cutters are mounted on two high frequency motors and can be adjusted vertically so that the tool is centered correctly with respect to the panel.

The pre-milling unit removal is between 0,4 and 3 mm and is determined by the position of the entry guide, with the removal quota shown on a digital numerical display.

The unit is equipped with a pair of braze-welded cutters. This type of tool gets worn quickly. For prolonged use diamond tools (optional) are recommended.

N.B.   This unit is only available in configurations where the model name
           contains the letter"R".


Automatic magazine for coil edging, equipped with cutter for edging up to 3 mm thick.

Automatic magazine for strip edging.

The pressure device has three rollers, the 1st is a driven-roller with clutch, whilst the 2nd and 3rd have opposite tapers to assure perfect bonding of the edging applied. The roller position can be adjusted by a mechanical digital indicator.

Glue tank for hot-melt glues, with Teflon interior for easy cleaning and glue replacement.

The glue is spread by a roller for optimum application on the panel.

The temperature of the glue applied is controlled by digital thermo-regulators.

The glue tank temperature falls automatically when the machine has not been used for a while.

Automatic recovery of glue which hasn't been used.

Pneumatic pressure adjustment system.

Horizontal roller magazine diam. 780 mm.

Soft/post-formed panels can also be end trimmed.

Front and rear end precision trimming is reliably accomplished due to a robust structure and by two motors which slide on THK prismatic guides with ball runner blocks. This ensures there is no play and maximum repetition.

The unit has two independent high frequency motors which allow precise cutting of the edging overhanging the front and rear of the panel being processed.

The motors can be tilted manually from 0° to 15° without the use of Allen keys and/or other tools.

Each motor has a feeler to guarantee perfect positioning of the blade with respect to the cutting point.

Both motors have dust extraction hoods fitted over the cutting zone.

A pair of blades is supplied with the machine.

For trimming excess edging at the top and bottom of the panel.Equipped with two independent high frequency motors which cannot be tilted. The motors are mounted on a robust support fixed to the machine frame.


The motors slide vertically on cylindrical hardened and rectified steel bars with recirculating ball bearings, guaranteeing maximum working precision.

Each motor has a revolving disk feeler to position the knives accurately with respect to the cutting point.

Complete with straight cutters and disposable knives.

Manual tilting from 0° to 25° for trimming excess edging at the top and bottom of the panel. Equipped with two independent high frequency motors. The motors are mounted on a robust support fixed to the machine frame.

The motors slide vertically on cylindrical hardened and rectified steel bars with recirculating ball bearings, guaranteeing maximum working precision.

Two manually adjustable working positions with 4-position revolver.

Vertical and front revolving copiers assure precise positioning of the cutter with reference to the machining point.

Simple and quick adjustment system equipped with: manual exclusion of the unit in the working area without adjustment modifications; digital mechanical indicators displaying the vertical and horizontal position; mechanical and electrical device for quick release of motors; dedicated device for rapid disassembly of the cutters.

Equipped with “ED-SYSTEM” highly efficient dust extraction hoods. Straight braze-welded or radius cutters depending on configuration.

For transverse machining of panels which are shaped along their longitudinal sides (soft forming, post forming) as well as for rounding or beveling/chamfering the upper, lower, front and rear corners of PVC and ABS edged panels with radius.

The unit is complete with two motors whose supports have a centering and quick release device. The unit is divided in two sections, upper and lower. Each motor is mounted on a piston rod for the oscillating movement in order to follow the moving panel. The vertical copier is mounted on a bush for a perfect oscillating movement to adjust the tool with respect to the panel.

The upper unit is connected to the pressure beam, whilst the lower unit is mounted on the working unit support structure. Excess edging is removed by means of oscillating movement of the two motors, commanded pneumatically. Oscillation of the unit allows the panel to be followed based on the use of bearing vertical copiers and relative lateral chromed copy pads.

The unit is also equipped with decimal numerical indicators to make positioning of the motors easier.

Complete with braze-welded cutters with 15° cut R=2 mm.

For finishing until 3 mm PVC/ABS edging.

The very rigid structure allows perfect finishing without any vibration.

The front and vertical revolving disk feelers accurately position the knives with respect to the cutting point, guaranteeing extreme machining precision.

Complete with 2 digital mechanical indicators and 2 verniers to ease adjustment of the front copiers and the knives.

Supplied with a pair of knives (R=2 mm).

The unit has 2 independent tiltable motors for optimizing the cleaning/buffing of the edging.

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Comfort kit for FLEXA 207 SUPER MA8/RMA9/RMAT10

The kit includes:

• Timed edging pressure device intervention.

• Pneumatic and independent blade tilting on end cutting unit.
• Pneumatic exclusion of trimming unit TT/1000

• 2 pneumatic positions on corner rounding unit Round A Super

• Pneumatic and independent exclusion of edge scraping unit.






Kit for applying 12x60 mm edging

N. 1

Allows edging to be applied to panels of max. height 60 mm (max. edging height 12mm).

Includes GP-1000 gluing unit instead of the GP-800 gluing unit.

Technical features:

- Glue spreading roller rotation reversaldirectly from the control panel.

- The pressure device is equipped with 4 rollers withpneumatic pressure adjustment – a first driven rollerwith clutch, and three idle rollers, 2 of which have opposite tapers to assure perfect bonding of the edging applied.

• Quick release of the glue tank with "Quicklock" clamping system.
N.B.:-With the 3 positions kit the max working thickness with trimming unit is 8mm
- With strip edge more than 8 mm and panels shorter than 500 mm the minimum working panle width is 150 mm


Gluing unit with pre-melting unit for "GP-1000"

N. 1

Instead of the standard glue tank.

The pre-melting unit includes a container which will hold 4 Kg. Of glue grains and a glue tank of approx. 0,5 Kg. capacity.

Maintains a constant and optimal glue temperature under all working conditions.

An electronic sensor checks the glue level and delivers glue in the required quantity.

Power installed 1,9 kW.

Includes quick release of the glue tank with "Quicklock" clamping system.
Suggested for workings which requires high glue quantity

N.B.    Only on Flexa 207 Super, "kit for applying edging 12x60 mm" is      compulsory.


Spare glue tank (machine with pre-melting unit)

N. 1

Glue tank interchangeable with the standard one fitted on the machine.
Allows rapid changeover of color/type of glue to be applied.

Glue tank capacity 0,5 Kg.


Double thermal regulation system for glue

N. 1

System for management of 2 different working temperatures for applying EVA and PU glue grains with the standard glue tank.

- The machine must be equipped with the quick release system on the glue tank.

- For machines with pre-melting unit it is recommended you select the code "Spare glue tank 1,5 Kg capacity"


Device with 2 pneumatic positions for rough trimming unit TT/1000

N. 1

Allows pneumatic positioning of the tilting trimming unit directly from the control panel. 
Rapid machining changeover according to the edging thickness applied (e.g. changeover from 3 mm edging to thin edging and vice versa).

The trimming unit will be equipped with radius cutters if this option is selected.
Nota:only for machines with Round A Super


"Nesting" tracer kit (tilting trimming unit TT/1000)

N. 1

For machining panels with a “nesting” production cycle.

A tracer with 3 rotating contact points is mounted on the unit, instead of the upper vertical disk tracer.


For Flexa 37 the 3 pneumatic positions device TT/1000 is compulsory
For Flexa 207 Super the 2 pneumatic positions device TT/1000 is suggested

Edge scraping unit SCR/1000

N. 1

Instead of the standard edge scraping unit.

Allows quick machining changeover for radius edging (e.g. from R3 to R2 mm), by replacing the knife holders complete with copy pads.
The cutter heads are released pneumatically without the need for use of tools. Spare cutter heads are not supplied.



"Nesting" tracer kit for edge scraping unit SCR/1000

N. 1

For machining panels with a “nesting” production cycle.

A tracer with 3 rotating contact points is mounted on the unit, instead of the upper vertical disk tracer.

N.B.The unit “SCR/1000” is compulsory.


Glue scraping unit "GSU/2"

N. 1

Allows finishing of plastic edging (PVC/ABS) complete with:

• 2 pairs of vertical revolving copiers, for optimal machining even at the start/end of the panel.

• 2 disposable knives.

• Blowers for cleaning the tools.

• Pneumatic exclusion.

• Mounted on independent column.

N.B.    Option forSpace "½".