Casadei Edgebanders - FLEXA 307


The Casadei Flexa 307 Automatic Single Sided Edgebanding Machine is a high performance machine for large shops with demanding production needs. The Flexa 307 is equipped with the MEGA 220 TC touch screen NC controller that provides the operator automatic supervision of the working units with the ability to save programs for ever day use. The standard version offers a gluing capacity of 15 x 60 mm band utilizing bi-directional rotation of the glue spreading roller, and two feed speeds. The machine can also be equipped with a two or four motor corner rounding unit. If you need an edgebander flexible enough for small jobs, yet robust enough to handle multi-shift production, the Flexa 307 is the machine for you.

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Technical Description:

  • MEGA 220 TS Control
  • NC Upper Beam positioning
  • VC1000 Gluing unit, edge loading and pressing system
  • Jumping device for pressure rollers
  • K/SEL vertical end trimming unit with automatic blade inclination
  • RI/S Bevel Trimming Unit with automatic positioning
  • Round K, 2 motor Corner Rounding Unit with pneumatic positioning
  • RAS/S Edge Scraping Unit
  • RCL Glue Scraping Unit
  • SPN Brushing Unit
  • Hot Air Blower


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