Anderson - SELEXX - Nester

ANDI Routers  are proven in the high production manufacturing industry . They are used in all facets of industry through the world , including Aerospace Technology , Woodworking Production , Plastics and Composite Materials Processing . Due to the solid construction, high quality components , machine characteristics the ANDI Selexx series offers the best price and quality ratio of any cost efficient CNC router on the market today. CNC Routers offers  a first class CNC Machining centre . Selexx has been developed specifically to satisfy the client demanding the utmost in technical quality and reliability in a CNC Machining Centre within a cost effective investment.


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Automatic Label printer

Prints labels directly to the mdf / mfc sheets before machining the nest.

Automatic Scissor Lift

Load Pallets of Materials directly from fork lift onto the scissor lifter.

Automatic Pneumatic loader

This loader will pick up one sheet at a time and take to the machining area, then position the panel to the pop up steel pins.

Automatic Unloading Pusher
Optional Pusher increases the machine productivity by up to 90%. At the completion of the machining cycle the pusher transports the completed nest of panels out of the working area allowing immediate loading of the next machining cycle.




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