Busellato - Busellato Optima S20


The JET Optima S Series expands on the C series by extending the available working zones up to 5' in width and more part thickness capacity. The popular IMC rail and pod system allows even more clamping options and pod configurations AND automatic pod positioning via CNC. Rotary tool changers increase the tool carrying capacity. Available QIN-X automatically adjustable aggregate from Benz and C-axis allow 5-axis positioning on an affordable machine! Available in XL (4'x17'), WF (5'x10') and WFXL (5'x17') versions.


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  • 18 or 27 spindle boring head with X axis grooving saw
  • 2 work areas for pendulum processing
  • 4 work areas with up to 3 reference zone front to back is available!
  • IMC rail and pod system for the ultimate in flexibility and configuration possibilities
  • 15 hp HSK-F63 electrospindle, 24000 rpm
  • 10 position head-mounted rotary tool changer, 18 or 24 position rear rotary changers available!
  • 5 position linear changer and 10 manually-changed positions for a total of up to 49 tools!
  • Electrospindle and tool changers are "aggregate-ready"
  • Other options: C-axis, laser or digital read-outs for manual pod positioning, CNC positioning for automatic pod positioning, horizontal and vertical clamps for solid wood, chip conveyor, direct-drive horizontal router, secondary vertical router....


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