Busellato - Busellato Optima C21


The Busellato Optima C21 is the perfect machine for a wide variety of millwork and panel-processing applications. For anyone considering replacing a vintage 1990s model Busellato, know that the new Optima series can import all of your old CNC90, Winner90 or Genesis programs. If you plan to keep your older machine in service, the latest version of Autolink will export to any of the previously mentioned versions of Busellato software as well as Genesis Evolution.

Recently updated with some new options, the machine is available with the following standard (S) and optional (O) equipment.

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  • 15hp HSK-F63 electrospindle (S)
  • 10+1 postion ride-along tool changer (S)
  • 5+2 auxiliary tool changers (17 total) (O)
  • Laser pod postioning system (S)
  • Remote hand-held control (S)
  • Mobile PC pedestal (S)
  • 12 vert, 6 horiz drills, grooving saw (S)
  • 0°-360° swiveling vacuum cups (S)
  • Automatic pod optimization on-screen (S)
  • Extended length chassis (17’ zone) (O)


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