Anderson - Cojet printer

The Cojet is a true flatbed inkjet UV printer.

With HD print quality up to 1440 dpi,for photographic print demands of customers, Cojet also has the option of High Gloss clear coat.

A wide range of materials can be printed including:

Acrylic, Melamine, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Mdf, Aluminium, Ceramic and Foam board.

With motorised height of the print head up to 100mm, the Cojet can handle most thicknesses of materials.

Table sizes start at 1200 x 1200 mm going up to 1600 x 3100 mm

Machines come with RIP Software , PC .

Vacuum table with vacuum pump is standard.


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Some of the Main features:

Dual UV Lamps for faster printing.

High resolution Printing by 2 servos allowing exact dot placement.

Multi zone Vacuum table maximises vacuum areas.

Multi referance points using steel pop up pins.

Visually guided Graphic user interface makes using the printer "easy".

Automatic print head maintenance.

Automatic ink refill system.

Many other standard functions ask for details .



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